An Artists View of what the Albert Basin could look like.Newry 2020. the new group set up earlier this year setting out a peoples vision for the future of Newry City has launched a Petition at which they hope will eventually result in a city centre park for Newry at the Albert Basin, literally ’Newry’s Central Park’

Click Here and Please Sign the Petition and share the link to it to as many people as possible.

The Albert Basin site is over 16 Acres and at present stands derelict.

The Grassroots initiative from Newry 2020 wants to:

  • Prevent The Albert Dock/Middlebank area being sold off and lost forever.
  • Save the area for the long-term benefit of all the people of the Newry area.
  • Regenerate the 15 acre site as a Newry’s “Central Park” with recreational facilities.
  • Plant trees and landscape to create a park, make paths for walkers and a running track.
  • Create a wildlife reserve.
  • Open the area up to a variety of sports; running, cycling, urban sports and fishing.
  • Use the ideal location to develop water sports.
  • Develop a performance space for concerts/ markets/events.
  • Build on the heritage/history of the Albert Basin Docks and Newry Canal.
  • Work in Partnership with the Newry Council, the local community, interest groups and businesses.
  • Transform a derelict area to an iconic destination within the Newry and Mourne area.

The Petition can be found Here

Comments on the Petition Include “There is a real need for a children's playpark in Newry City centre. This would be an ideal location. All the playparks in Newry are in housing developments on the outskirts of town. The only exception is the quays shopping centre park, however this has paid parking. Our children need a playpark with free parking in the city centre.” Helen

“Newry needs a green space in the centre of town, this would be an amazing space to relax, have lunch in and a beautiful spot to enjoy the scenery down the quay! Long, long overdue!” Eimear

and “I've watched the character of the town I love disappear. To have a green space to go and enjoy oneself instead of another shopping centre is important and should be embraced. I would suggest including a dog park area where people can exercise their four legged friends, off leash. Keep the beauty of the space as intact as you can since it is part of the most beautiful place in the world.” Janette

At last months Newry 2020 Meeting much discussion was sparked by a presentation from James McConville of Newry Urban Sports, which showcased radical ideas for a multi-purpose public space on the Albert Basin site, highlighting its picturesque setting and its potential for sports, recreation, arts and leisure activities. The theme of the Albert Basin as Newry’s “jewel in the crown” was warmly received by the audience.


Commenting on his Skatepark plans as part of the Park James said “A well designed skatepark in the heart of a new Albert Basin Central Park would be a great new public space where the people of Newry, young and old could socialise, develop new skills, make new friends and have lots of fun. Newry Urban Sports urges everyone who reads this statement to take action by signing Newry 2020's online petition and to come along to the next Newry 2020 meeting. Success for this overall park project will only come by the people of Newry demanding it." 

Members of Newry 2020 and council officials on a tour of the Albert Basin.Brian Cleland, Newry 2020 co-founder, said “We have a fantastic opportunity here with a ratepayer-owned site in a natural setting in the heart of the city. With the recent launch of the Great Eastern Greenway project which will provide a cycle-route from Carlingford Lough to the Albert Basin there is real potential for a world-class tourism destination in the city centre. This petition will be a first step in realising that vision.”

Other things the group are working on at the minute include a Festival of Windows from the 13th to the 15th of June and Iúr Cinn Fleadh, a music festival from the 12th to the 14th of September modelled on the very popular and successful Blues on the Bay Festival in Warrenpoint.

The next meeting of the Newry 2020 group will take place at Sugar Supper Club on Monday the 12th of May at 7.30pm and all are welcome.

Click Here and Please Sign the Petition and share the link to it to as many people as possible.