We want a brighter future for Newry and we want you to be part of it.

Late in 2013 www.newry.ie published an article under the headingĀ newry-2020-a-vision-for-our-city-s-future

The article contains a lot of great ideas and with the proper drive and will behind them all are achievable, but we have to act now, we can no longer wait for others to pick up the baton.

As a business owner & citizen of Newry I believe, given the depth of talent and abilities of the people of Newry we can, collectively drive Newry towards a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

The Big Questions

 What do you want from me?

Our plan, our mission is to get together as many business people, private & concerned citizens as possible to plan events, create projects and propel Newry City to a higher stage.

It won't happen unless we get everyone in Newry behind this, and make Newry more attractive to outside visitors.

Early in 2014 we will be organising a meeting/meetings with all who express interest and put together a plan to carry us forward, we want everyone's opinion, thoughts & ideas,

No One of Us is Smarter than All of Us.